Chrissy Teigen shared a video of baby Luna waving, and it’s out of control how cute it is

Why is everything babies do so damn cute? Well not, everything but there’s no way we’d be remotely interested in seeing some grownup going about daily mundane activities like walking smiling, eating veggies, or in the case of Chrissy Teigen’s daughter Luna, waving.

Yes, another one of our favorite celebrity babies has turned a simple gesture into something supremely adorable, and we have promptly added it to our ever-expanding file of Babies Doing Cute Stuff.  For now, we’ll store Luna’s happy waving moment between the video of her laughing uncontrollably along with the clip of Teigen feeding her daughter veggies because she has earned her very own section in our cute baby archives.

Last week, Luna’s dad John Legend shared some pretty big baby news with us, revealing that his 9-month-old is now crawling. And thanks to the latest post Teigen shared, we get to see Luna put her multi-tasking skills to use by crawling and waving.

"My beautiful love has no idea," Teigen wrote on Twitter.

So, for the record, there was not only crawling and waving, but Luna looked rather squee-worthy in a gray onesie and she even managed a few happy baby babbles that seemed a lot more pleasant than the yell-crying she did on Santa’s lap.

Now, every day won’t be a good day, not even for cute babies, so we felt the need to include that pic in for balance.

It’s honestly kind of scary to see how fast Luna’s growing up, but we look forward to her parents sharing more of her baby milestones.

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