Chrissy Teigen hit up Twitter for food recommendations and Seth Rogen was all over it

Our pretend best friend Chrissy Teigen is kind the queen of Twitter. Whether it is making us laugh, or documenting her adorable family, we are so there. So of course we were all super excited to hear that she was heading to Vancouver. Sure, it isn’t the most exotic vaycay, but when Chrissy does it? Suddenly, we’re obsessed. Turns out we’re not the only ones.

Seth Rogen is also a Chrissy Teigen fan, and he had all sorts of advice for her on food spots!

So just to be clear Chrissy posted this tweet at 6:12 pm on June 1st. Four minutes later at 6:16 pm Seth Rogen had replied with a list of recommendations! While this might seem random it actually makes a ton of sense. Rogen is a Vancouver native, so of course he has tons of great food advice!

What’s even funnier is Seth Rogen walks the walk! A fan was quick to post a photo of him at a local Vancouver food spot.

That’s how we know he’s serious! Honestly though, Chrissy Teigen and Seth Rogen are kind of the greatest best friend pairing. They’re both funny, and both love food. We could totally see them grabbing late night eats in Vancouver. Or co-hosting a Food Channel show where they just walk around cities and try new spots.

Hey, we can dream!

No word yet on whether Chrissie is actually going to try out some of these spots, or if she’s considering Rogen for a new best friendship. Teigen fans will note that these recommendations come only a day after she hilariously documented trying to make her own homemade pho, and then concluded it’s better to just get it from a restaurant.

See? Seth’s a good listener and he’s got great ideas. He’s already got her back. That’s the sign of a good friend in the making!

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