Chrissy Teigen made a restaurant for her daughter Luna, and the prices are very reasonable

Getting your toddler to eat is a problem many parents can relate to, and not even celebrities are immune. There are many different tricks you can try, but social media queen and best-selling cookbook author Chrissy Teigen may have found the perfect solution.

On December 18th, Teigen tweeted that she was trying to get her daughter to eat by “being psychotic.” While she may call it crazy, we think her idea is pretty genius…if not a little extra.

In order to solve her picky-eater problem, Teigen created a “restaurant” for her 2-year-old daughter, Luna. In a video, she flipped through the laminated (yes, laminated) menu to show her fans the full selection, complete with photos and prices. And honestly, we’d eat there.

The menu is simple and very kid-friendly. (The prices aren’t that bad either.) For staters, there’s cereal with bananas for $4. Then grilled cheese with a side of berries for $3, crispy fish sticks for $3, chicken tenders and french fries with “tomato dip-dip” for $5, chicken spaghetti for $4, and ham and cheese “Lunables” for $3.

When she was asked about logistical details like what happens when there are no more berries to go with the grilled cheese, or if Luna asks to take money off the bill, Teigen replied that she’ll cross that bridge when she gets there. Check out the menu here:

Luna is definitely one lucky kid.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Teigen’s taking reservations at this point. But if you are looking to get a taste of her cooking, she recently released the second cookbook in her Cravings series. While it may not have french fries with tomato dip-dip, there just may be a good recipe for you to try somewhere in there.

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