Chrissy Teigen pointed out it shouldn’t be #RelationshipGoals for merely taking care of your partner when they need it

Confession: This past Saturday, I had a little too much to drink and my husband had to help me get undressed at the end of the night, jewelry and all. So imagine my excitement when my favorite celebrity human lady Chrissy Teigen shared a similar story on Snapchat the next night, when hubby John Legend helped her take off her jewelry following the Grammys after she got a little tipsy.

The entirety of the internet did what we always do when Chrissy tweets/snaps/Instas anything, and that is to cheer and declare #RelationshipGoals. But then the model, television personality, and mom to cutest baby ever Luna recently tweeted something that made us think twice about the praise.

"How is John taking off my jewelry 'relationship goals' like your fuckin boyfriend won't take your necklace off jfc leave him," she wrote Monday.


Can we just take a moment to revel in how true this is? Chrissy makes an EXCELLENT point.

People are already coming out and talking about the reality in how sometimes men, as husbands, partners, and even fathers are expected to do the bare minimum to thunderous verbal applause. Like sure, it’s sweet for couples to take care of each other, but women are more often than not expected to “traditionally” get shiz done, and men are often given proverbial Boyfriend/Husband of the Year Awards for things that should be second nature for the one you love.

Granted, we are sure Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have thanked each other for tons of things they have done for both each other and Luna — but she has a valid point that helping your spouse out after a night of having a liiittle too much to drink is kind of expected.


You go, Chrissy. You and John are still #MarriageGoals to the max, even if those goals are to get to a place where we don’t have to even think twice about helping each other get comfortable.

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