Chrissy Teigen just got real with us about her pregnancy life

Chrissy Teigen is busy. Like, really busy. She’s a model, actress, chef, author, co-host of Lip Sync Battle and FABLife, wife and soon-to-be mother of a baby girl. Probably among lots of other things.

During her photoshoot for TRESemme’s new Beauty Full Volume collection, she told E! News that even though she’s super busy, she’s not at all worried about adding a tiny human to her list of things to do.

“I like a little chaos in life,” Teigen said. “Then baby came into our world, and we were like, ‘That’s cool, but let’s do more!’ I actually have more energy now than before I was pregnant.”

Considering Teigen has so many jobs, it’s not at all surprising that she needs to frequently travel for work. But she has no plans to leave the baby at home while she’s traveling “I want to get her into traveling really young,” she said.

But she totally feels for people who aren’t super into sitting near babies on airplanes. “As soon as someone even steps on the plane with a baby you’re like, ‘Ughhh! I feel bad for them!’ And that’s going to be us now.”

Oh, and side note. Her husband John Legend is all in when it comes to diaper changes. “Oh gosh! He’s not afraid to touch poop, pick it up,” Teigen said. “He’ll bare-hand it, it doesn’t matter!”

We love their excitement and absolutely can’t wait to see their baby. We’re pretty sure they probably can’t wait either.

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