Chrissy Teigen posted a totally honest Snapchat of her post-pregnancy skin

After we saw Chrissy Teigen’s tweets a couple weeks ago about perineal irrigation bottles and coming home in diapers, we knew she had just inadvertently crowned herself the Queen of Post-Baby Honesty. She’s back again with a truth bomb. About a day ago, the foodie/model/social media princess snapchatted a selfie showcasing some changes in her skin post-baby.


Goodbye pregnancy glow. Hi itchy red spots,” she wrote honestly.

This may seem like nothing more than Chrissy Teigen just being the endearing, candid Chrissy Teigen we’ve grown to love. There’s more to it than that, though. With all the celebration of pregnancy and the changes that happen to women as a result of giving birth, we tend to forget that there are some unpleasant realities of new motherhood, even if they’re temporary or minor.

The truth is, women’s bodies don’t just instantly bounce back to their normal state after they’ve given birth. It might take some time to adjust. Petra Guglielmetti writes for Glamour, “All that lush hair fertilized by your nine-month estrogen surge? It’s in your shower drain looking like a drowned cat. The baby bump? Oh, it’s basically still there, just shrunken to five-months proportions.

Guglielmetti continues, “Random passers-by helpfully comment that you look tired. And if your skin was lucky enough to attain that mythical ‘pregnancy glow’ instead of a series of throbbing pimples? Congratulations but sorry, glow was the first casualty of your new sleep schedule.”

Of course, it’s not all blotchy skin and lack of sleep. Chrissy and John Legend are just as open about the overwhelming love and affection that surrounds their new (totally perfect and gorgeous) baby Luna.

We love that Chrissy is keeping the honesty train going along with the beautiful shots of Luna. Because it’s good to know that both sides exist.

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