Chrissy Teigen posted an adorable pic of Luna talking on the phone, and the internet has the best captions

Get ready for major LOLs. We already knew that Chrissy Teigen was hilariously honest on Twitter, especially when husband John Legend is involved. But it turns out Teigen isn’t the only person who can be funny on the internet. She posted a very cute photo of her young daughter Luna on Saturday, and commenters are having a field day coming up with hilarious captions.

In the picture, Luna uses one hand to hold a phone up to her ear. Meanwhile, the other hand is making an enigmatic gesture that Instagram users are interpreting to great effect.

Here is the funny photo in question.

People are loving it. Like Instagram user eriikalowee who commented, “girl you will never guess what he did this time.”

Divadawn50’s caption was a shoutout to mom’s TV gig: “Mom can I be on lipsync?”

Telena_hood imagined a lucky day for Luna: “hey i can’t come in today cuz i just got a winning lottery ticket.”

Users continued to chime in. Kristyn_langford captioned the photo as “HE SAID WHAT?”

Meanwhile, mimi_minsky kept it classic with a “New phone, who dis.”

Mrsevilrx.7 had Luna calling her grandmother. “Grandma you won’t believe what they won’t let me do around here.”

Julyissohot thinks the little one can start scheduling her own hair appointments. “Can you fit me in today? Just need a little off the top.”

And tastedglory wrote, “She looks as if she’s correcting somebody, ‘Uhh no Robert, you’re the one who can’t understand the situation.’”

Baby Luna looks like she’s shaping up to have as interesting and thought-provoking facial expressions as her mom does.

We love these two!

Luna will probably turn out to have Teigen’s sense of humor too. We can only hope! And fingers crossed that she really does make her Lip Sync Battle debut ASAP. She better start brainstorming song choices, like, right now.

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