Chrissy Teigen plays John Legend’s music in the house for this adorable reason

Chrissy Teigen recently uploaded a series of Snapchat videos, and naturally, they feature her cooking some of the mouthwatering food she’s always showing off on social media.  But if you listen closely, you can hear John Legend’s music playing in the background of her Snap videos.

Yep, Teigen makes dinner while listening to her husband’s music. Awwwww.

A fan on Twitter noticed it and let Teigen know she found it ultra romantic and sweet.

“I love how when @chrissyteigen is cooking she has @johnlegend music playing in the background. That is love,” the fan wrote on Twitter.

To which Teigen responded, “I know I am an asshole to him on the twits but we miss him a lot. Luna loves hearing dada when he’s away on tour. She gets in a zone.”

We totally get that. Since Legend is away on tour, it makes sense that Teigen would play his music around the house so his daughter Luna can hear his voice. We never really think about the fact that singers and artists with children have beautiful high-quality versions of their voice on hand to play whenever their kids miss them. The tradeoff is that Legend is on tour for long stretches of time, but he can leave his “voice” behind at home.

We’re also lol-ing at the fact that Teigen admitted that she’s “an asshole” to her husband on Twitter. I mean…

Is this Twitter exchange asshole behavior?

You have to admit it’s funny, though.

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