Chrissy Teigen Must Be Ready for Spring, Because She Just Dyed Her Hair Pastel Pink

And this time, it's *not* a wig.

Chrissy Teigen may have joked about her “midlife crisis” silver hair last month, but it was just a wig. Now, however, Teigen has fully committed to a new color, and this time, it’s a very real pastel pink shade. She’s been going through the steps of lightening her hair on her Instagram Stories for the past couple days, but the big reveal came yesterday when she showed off the finished look.

Teigen started by foiling her hair to lighten pieces of it to a bright blonde a couple days ago. But she didn’t stop there. She then showed her hair awash in pink dye but made her fans wait until yesterday afternoon, April 6th, to see it all come together. While some assumed she was stopping at the bright blonde (she did show it off on her Stories, after all), we were holding out for what the pink-toned color would do.

And it was totally worth the wait.

Teigen showed off the pastel pink hair—perfect for spring—and tagged in her go-to team for helping her achieve the whole look (including makeup): Tracey Cunningham, Kristine Studden, and Irinel de León.

Chrissy Teigen

We definitely know that Teigen is a fan of switching things up with her hair and trying new colors and styles all the time, so who knows how long this pink will actually last. *But* the fact that she lightened her hair to start means she could easily try a new color once the pink fades off…so maybe she could actually do a silvery shade like her “midlife crisis” color after all.

All we know is that she looks good with any color, so do whatever makes you happy, Chrissy!

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