Chrissy Teigen does not want you to keep sending her photos of babies that look like John Legend

Babies that look like celebrities are great for memes, but that’s where they should stay. Chrissy Teigen doesn’t want people to send her

Chrissy Teigen doesn’t want people to send her pictures of babies that look like John Legend anymore.

Apparently, it happens frequently enough that she felt it important to ask on Twitter. It’s not that Chrissy Teigen doesn’t appreciate a good John Legend meme, but remember folks, Chrissy is lucky enough to have the real thing. It bothers her enough that she had to use the shouty caps lock in her tweet. When someone uses caps lock, you know they mean business.

Of course, Chrissy’s passionate plea fell on deaf ears and people did EXACTLY what she asked them NOT to do and sent her more baby John Legend pictures.

Some were more clever with their replies; one person going so far as to suggest that Chrissy Teigen creates a coffee table book with the images.

The coffee table book idea was quite popular, people began tweeting title suggestions and someone even created a poll with the best answers.

Another person implied that maybe the resemblance was for a specific reason…that maybe John had sold his sperm during his time as a struggling young artist.

But mostly, there were a lot of silly baby jokes. Chrissy probably got an amused chuckle out of some of them! Even comedian (and Conan O’Brien sidekick) Andy Richter got in on the funny!

Maybe Chrissy Teigen is tired of looking at baby John Legend pictures because she already has one of her own. Chrissy and John are parents to daughter Luna Simone. Little Luna bears a striking resemblance to her papa, but there is some of mom too. Yes, baby John Legend memes are adorable and you can keep sharing them, just not with Chrissy Teigen.

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