Chrissy Teigen got super real about her awesome Photoshop-free nude mag cover

Chrissy Teigen is a fabulous, empowering model, actress, and social media queen who seems like she’s filled to the brim with confidence — especially after doing an amazing photo shoot with Women’s Health U.K. for the cover of their September “naked” issue. Baring it all sans Photoshop seems like a terrifying prospect for anyone, but for a celebrity and supermodel, it should be easier, right? Nope, not at all. In fact, Chrissy had to mentally prepare herself, as she explained to Mashable recently.

“If they. . . didn’t tell me in advance it wouldn’t be Photoshopped, I’d be insecure and totally nervous,” she said. “I would have cared so much with every stretch mark and flaw.”

In fact, there are parts of her that she truly wishes she could change. “I would love to have a little fat on my sides so I can be sexy, curvy,” she told Women’s Health U.K. “I’d love a big butt. But I just can’t get there . . . Working on the cookbook, I put on around 11 pounds in five weeks, despite doing regular workouts . . . I’ve never seen an ab, no matter how many crunches I do.”

But despite her fears, she did it anyway, knowing that going Phoshop-free is actually incredibly important right. “I think it’s extra important right now to show a woman not wholly retouched,” she said to Mashable. “It’s becoming the norm for people to have this butt that’s been plucked and pulled, and these boobs from somewhere else. It’s not normal. I think it’s our responsibility as women to show our flaws and how we’re far from perfect.”

That said, she notes another problem with Photoshop, filters, and airbrushing — that if women do decide to use them, they’ll be judged. It’s a catch-22. “Everyone’s using those apps to fix themselves, and you can’t compete with them,” she explained to Women’s Health. “If you don’t do it, then people make comments about your body, and if you do do it, then they’re like, ‘Oh, you look so great, but it’s not you.'” Unfortunately, Chrissy did get some trolls telling her everything they disliked about the shoot via comments and tweets. “Hearing negativity about my cover was such a bummer,” she admitted. “I’m still very much conscious and hurt by the little comments. All I can say is how big my smile was and I’ve never been more happy or comfortable [at a shoot].” Occasionally, she’ll tweet back at her haters to set them straight, but often, she’ll craft an angry tweet in response to make herself feel better. “But then I’ll put it on draft,” she explained to Mashable. “I’ve learned to type it out and block them.” Not a bad idea. This isn’t the first time Chrissy has gotten super real about her body. This past April, she posted an image of her thighs, complete with stretch marks. “Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week,” she wrote. “Stretchies say hi!” In just one picture, she showed her followers that, yes, celebs and models have stretch marks, too — they’re just often airbrushed out in the media. But by pulling away the curtain and revealing what her body really looks like sans Photoshop, Chrissy is bravely tearing down unrealistic beauty standards.

And for that, we thank her. You totally rock, Chrissy. Thanks for reminding us that celebs have insecurities, too — and that what you see on magazine stands isn’t always reality. Over and over, you help boost girls’ confidence all over the world.

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