Chrissy Teigen comforts Kim Kardashian as she mourns her dead Blackberry, is a true friend

Something tragic happened to Kim Kardashian earlier this week. Her beloved longtime companion died — her Blackberry.

You might be thinking, “I didn’t know anyone’s Blackberry was still alive.” And you wouldn’t be alone with that thought.

But Kardashian’s Blackberry Bold wasn’t just alive and thriving, it was was so important to her that after it’s death, she changed her Twitter icon into a crying Kimoji to express the loss she was feeling (and likely is STILL feeling).

And then she went into full panic mode, tweeting her inner most thoughts and concerns about the next steps to take to replace her Blackberry.

As you can see, Kardashian was faced with quite the dilemma. And it’s clear that she needed some time to just be with her grief.

Which is why it’s so perfect that her friend Chrissy Teigen sent her the sweetest bouquet of flowers, accompanied by a hilarious condolence card.

“You guys, how thoughtful is Chrissy?” Kim said on Snapchat. “She sent me this floral arrangement. She just gets me.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” the note read. “I know how much you loved your BB. You were both very lucky to have each other, and you will always have the memories. xoxo, Chrissy”

Now that’s friendship. We hope Kardashian takes the time she needs to mourn, and we’re sure that whatever phone she decides to go with, sales will skyrocket. Because, Kardashian.

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