15 of Chrissy Teigen’s most relatable moments, because the Queen of Twitter is just like the rest of us

In 2018, most celebrities are on social media. Some use Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as a way to stay in touch with fans and build up their fan bases. Others also use the platforms as an advertising tool, selling products or calling attention to their latest projects.

There’s no doubt that some celebs are better at using social media than others. (We can all call to mind at least one account that’s all-too-obviously run by someone’s PR team.) But one thing is for sure: Chrissy Teigen is among the best.

The 32-year-old model and author launched her career back in 2006 when she was a Deal or No Deal briefcase girl alongside now Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. A year later, she met singer John Legend on the set of his music video “Stereo,” marking the beginning of a high-profile relationship that’s been the epitome of #couplegoals ever since.

Teigen is now known for her modeling career, being a co-host on Lip Sync Battle, and authoring a New York Times bestselling cookbook (with a second one soon to be released). But she’s arguably best known (and most adored) for her impeccable use of social media, where she shares brutally honest opinions, searingly clever takedowns, and adorable photos of her two sweet babies, Luna and Miles.

Some of Teigen’s best tweets and posts are the ones in which she shares hilariously real observations about her life as a woman and a mom of two. Below is a round-up of some of her most relatable moments:

1When she pointed out her stretch marks

2When she poked fun at Instagram fitness models with impossibly exaggerated proportions

3When she drunkenly fell asleep on the floor

4When she got a little too into eating Fun Dip and accidentally gave herself Hulk fingers before the Grammys


5When she joked about her bad fake tan from the 2008 Grammys before anyone else could do it

6When she revealed she was going gray and inspired others to celebrate their own gray hair

7When she discovered the life-changing magic of eyelash extensions

8When she put her “period skin” pimples on blast for the world to see

9When she freaked out while meeting Beyoncé and literally bowed down before her


10When she opened up about her struggles with mental health

In a March 2017 essay for Glamour, Teigen wrote:

"Before the holidays I went to my GP for a physical. John sat next to me. I looked at my doctor, and my eyes welled up because I was so tired of being in pain. Of sleeping on the couch. Of waking up throughout the night. Of throwing up. Of taking things out on the wrong people. Of not enjoying life. Of not seeing my friends. Of not having the energy to take my baby for a stroll. My doctor pulled out a book and started listing symptoms. And I was like, 'Yep, yep, yep.' I got my diagnosis: postpartum depression and anxiety."

11When her now-husband tried to break up with her and she just said “no”

12When she couldn’t attend the 2018 Met Gala and just vegged out at home instead

13When she pulled out the breast pump during a Father’s Day date

14When she recalled her jealousy-fueled meltdown over another girl in one of John’s music videos

15When she narrated her extremely meticulous (and kind of creepy) pore strip routine


In a series of videos on her Instagram Story, Teigen explained:

"I like to pull these off, slowly, and then tilt them towards the light so I can see each little mountain, each tiny mountain. And then I like to take my finger and brush the blackheads to the side so I can see their length...I take the strip and I fold it into quarters. That concludes my story, entitled, 'If Hannibal Lecter Loved Bioré Nose Strips.' Thank you."

Suffice to say we absolutely adore this woman and her realness. Never change, Chrissy Teigen!

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