12 times Chrissy Teigen’s mom acted like your mom on Instagram, just more fabulous

Moms on social media: It can either go really, really wrong or it can be the most adorable thing ever. Fortunately Chrissy Teigen’s mom, the gorgeous Vilailuck Teigen, is in the latter category. Vilailuck is big fan of Instagram and she’s always posting pics of her beautiful supermodel daughter and handsome Grammy-winning son-in-law. (Your mom would post private, at-home snaps of John Legend if she could!)

But because she’s also a mom, Vilailuck Teigen also posts all kinds of typical-mom photos: grandchildren, her pets, and Rod Stewart concert photos. Here are 12 times that Chrissy Teigen’s mom was just like your mom on social media . . .  just a little bit more fabulous:

When she went to a Rod Stewart concert …

… and got really close to Rod.

When she bragged about her newest grandchild (in her case, being on “Good Morning America”).

When she posted a throwback photo from the teenage years.

When she posted a throwback photo of herself killin’ it with the ’80s fashion.

When she posted an embarrassing photo of her son-in-law for his birthday.

When she bragged about her daughter (in her case, for being on the New York Times bestseller list!).

When she posted  ~ lots ~ of photos of the pets.

When she posted a picture Dad, you know, being a dad.

When she made a joke about growing older.

When she posted a photo of herself and her daughter and it’s obvious they love each other like crazy.

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