In one tweet Chrissy Teigen highlighted the issue with this Miss Teen USA pageant

It’s a fact almost universally acknowledged that when it comes to social media, Chrissy Teigen is pretty much the Queen of Twitter. The 30-year-old is the most relatable person in Hollywood, and isn’t afraid to lift the veil of celebrity, poking fun at herself and others in the most adorable and hilarious way.

In fact, we’d love Chrissy to run for president. Although, we’re not 100% sure that she’d be up for it…

She’s just so damn funny (and she knows it)!

Basically, if you don’t follow Chrissy in Twitter, you really should rectify that. She’s the best.

While we live for Chrissy’s #relatable tweets, she’s also not afraid to use the platform to speak up for what she believes in, and is often discussing issues and standing up for others, like when she took on Piers Morgan over his comments about Jennifer Aniston.

Now Chrissy has turned her attention to the Miss Teen USA pageant, and it’s complete lack of diversity.

The tweet was written in response to the Miss Teen USA pageant sharing a photo of the top five finalists for the event, which took place in Las Vegas on Saturday (30 July) night.

This sparked a whole plethora of responses on social media, most of whom noted the similarities between the five girls.

Of course, Chrissy realized that while the lack of diversity is not cool, it’s hardly the girls’ fault.

And like that, Chrissy not only raised an important point, but also contextualized it.

Queen of all social media, tbh…


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