Chrissy Teigen’s sexy-silly maternity shoot featured a white bathing suit and some pork

Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to announce her pregnancy in a white bathing suit perched next to a pile of raw pork. This silly and sassy mix is what you get when your fave model-turned-internet bestie announces her second pregnancy. Teigen let the world know she was pregnant with her second child last week with an Instagram video, and this weekend she revealed the maternity shoot.

In the photos Teigen sits on a kitchen island in a white cutout bathing suit posed next to some raw pork and a pineapple. Lol. She tagged her glam team in the photo and also tagged the Instagram account for “pork.” In the second photo Legend cups his wife’s pregnant belly while making a weird face, plus, there’s now a lemon added to her weird pork and pineapple props.

It’s both sexy and silly and 100% on-brand for Teigen. Four hours after the post she realized that she forgot to tag the photographer and wrote, “When you tag pork but not your photographer. @mrmikerosenthal.”

It’s unsure if the maternity shoot is for something else and this is a blooper she posted online or if she just hung out with her glam squad and decided to snap a few pics in her bathing suit.

Teigen’s hairstylist Jen Atkin posted the same image and captioned it “Pork Illustrated magazine.” Judging from the fact that Teigen, Atkin, and their husbands have been ‘gramming from Hawaii all weekend, we think the friends are on vacation when they decided it would be funny to get Teigen all dolled up for a silly swim shoot…pork and baby bump included.

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