Chrissy Teigen just proved that her daughter Luna is pretty much identical to a baby John Legend, and it is too freakin’ cute

Ring the alarm. Just when you think John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, aka the cutest celebrity couple, couldn’t be any more vomit-cute, they surprise us. Because yesterday, Chrissy posted a family photo of little John to Instagram with the caption, “Baby John = baby Luna.” And she’s completely spot on.

We already knew Luna was adorable. And we’ve seen in past photos how much she looks like mom Chrissy, but the resemblance between Luna and her daddy in this old photo is insane. John as a baby looks exactly like the littlest Legend from her lips to her hair. Cue the cute overload.

For comparison, here’s the picture Chrissy Teigen posted of baby John.

And here’s a picture of little Luna Legend.

Can we talk about how precious the family photo itself is? John’s wearing what appears to be a mini jacket with a bow that matches his older sibling and parents. Clearly Chrissy isn’t the only parent Luna will inherit fashion sense from. Also, we love his mom’s hair!

John shared the same photo on Instagram, along with a few other throwback pictures, while on tour in Europe. The more baby pics the better! They could come in handy for future John/Chrissy comparisons with baby 2.

We sense a lot more #twinning in this family’s future. Given how awesome Chrissy and John turned out, that’s a pretty good thing.

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