Chrissy Teigen wants everyone to know how magical eyelash extensions are

Best Tweeter ever Chrissy Teigen just got eyelash extensions for the first time, and it looks like she’s hooked.

The star took to Twitter to share a video of her brand new set of lashes (along with some Bryan Adams lyrics to express her passion). After experiencing the life-changing magic of eyelash extensions, Chrissy’s encouraging everyone to try them. (She swears she’s not being paid for her endorsement.) She’s wearing the butterfly crown filter in her Instagram Story clip and serving Disney princess realness. If that isn’t a great ad for the service, we don’t know what is.

We can’t say we blame her for her enthusiasm. Eyelash extensions are a game changer, and people who get them usually become obsessed. Whether you’re trying an at-home hack or putting them through the sad girl test, there’s something magical about having big cartoon animal lashes. Not having to wear as much eyeliner or mascara is a major plus, too. Or as Chrissy puts it, “They make you look like you care.”

Chrissy remarked in another tweet, “I refuse to wash my face and lose these eyelash extensions. I will be covered in acne and die with beautiful, fluffy lashes.” Apparently, some of her followers took the funny lady’s words seriously (Do you know who you’re following, people?) and replied with skin care tips, to which Chrissy replied, “I don’t need your skincare tips just enjoy the tweet for goodness sake.”

Eye do it for you.

Chrissy has nearly 10 million followers on Twitter, and we’re guessing salons offering extensions might experience a surge in appointments.

Yup, sold.

Have you seen her skin? We think she’s doing just fine.

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