Chrissy Teigen Clapped Back at Haters Questioning Her New Business Venture With Kris Jenner

Twitter users called her new product line "tone deaf."

If someone made a list of the celebrities the internet most loves to hate, Chrissy Teigen and the Kardashian-Jenner family would definitely be near the top. So, when Teigen announced that she was teaming up with quintessential momager Kris Jenner for a new business venture, people unsurprisingly had a lot to say. Equally unsurprising is that Teigen, who frequently deals with negative commentary, body shaming, and online trolls, was prepared to clap back.

The cookbook author and model first announced her collaboration with longtime friend Jenner via Twitter on Tuesday, sharing that the two had partnered to create a line of plant-based cleaning products.

“Years in the making — excited to finally announce the launch of @GETSAFELY,” she wrote alongside a photo of her and Jenner among the products. “Plant based with aromatherapy oils annnnnd it works. Could cry. Cannot wait to see this in your homes. (Really!!!)”

While some fans were supportive of Teigen’s new venture, others were quick to criticize, letting her know they wouldn’t be supporting anything tied to the Kardashian or Jenner family.

“Sorry, not putting a penny into a Jenner/Kardashian pocket,” one Twitter user wrote. Another, seemingly a fan of Teigen’s, was “sad to see” the news of the collab. “Love you but don’t like you getting involved with that family,” the user wrote. “Does not fit with your brand. And how much money do they need? I find them revolting and an example of what is wrong with the country. You are better than this.”

Others questioned the timing of the product line, doubting Teigen’s claim that it was “years in the making” and accusing her instead of “using the pandemic as a tool to profit from.”

Another Twitter user, who “loves” Teigen’s “recipes and cookware,” tweeted from a private account that the cookbook author’s latest venture “seems pretty tone deaf.”

“Two wealthy women, with housekeeping staff, marketing cleaning products to the middle class in the midst of a pandemic,” user @ashlyboBASHly added.

Some even zeroed in on the clean claims of the product line, questioning Jenner’s authority in the space considering her family’s frequent use of private jets and beauty injectables that are “full of toxins.”

“Not to mention their faces are pumped full of the ‘toxins’ they’re so worried about,” another user from a since deleted account tweeted. “any greenwashing marketing gibberish is completely off set by their home’s carbon footprint & weekend private jet trips to get to kris’ palm springs pad. #gross.”

Teigen decided to respond to the negative comments and the frequent hate she receives online. “I really don’t wake up every day trying to make you mad but somehow I manage,” she wrote. “And u say I have no talent. that’s something I guess.”

She also responded directly to the tweet about the Jenner’s “private jet trips” and faces “pumped full of toxins.”

“You guys are truly just fucking mean. I’ll never get over it,” she wrote.

Though it does appear like Teigen is making people mad and responding to online criticism daily, she explained in an interview with Today last year that she doesn’t always respond.

“Sometimes I want to say something so badly, but it’s not worth it to me, and I need my mind to be clear,” she said. “I’m much better at knowing the timing of when to say things and not to say things.”

And even though Teigen always appears to have the perfect comebacks prepared, she’s not as unbothered as she seems.

“The comments affect me,” she told Today. “Not only do we have our own personal judgment and vendetta against ourselves, but we also have to read and hear these voices online all the time. It’s hard to weed out.”

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