Chrissy Teigen just revealed which member of the Kardashian family she wants to dress like — and it’s not who you think

Chrissy Teigen is such a style icon herself it’s easy to forget that she has style icons of her own! In a recent “5 Questions” video interview with People Style, Chrissy shared that Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner‘s “sexy, cool-girl style” were the looks she most wanted to emulate.

As Chrissy explained:

“I want to be one of the cool girls, like the It Girls, like the Gigis and the Kendalls.

This should be an obtainable goal for Chrissy, as she shares a stylish with the two other models, Monica Rose, who helps the threesome create more “effortless” yet “trendy” outfits.

Nonetheless, when it comes to a fun date night out with husband John Legend, Chrissy prefers a more “simplistic” look.

“I love a top knot, like honestly, like with like some like piecey strands coming down the middle. I’m sure John is so bored with it. But it’s like always my go-to ’cause it just makes me feel more put together. The top knot you get away with bad makeup, then you can be a little more natural.

And we’ll admit, she certainly pulls off an awesome top knot:

Despite her low-key style, Chrissy takes very specific care of her hair:

“I definitely must wash my hair every single day. Like, that’s mandatory. And I am a twice-a-day shaver. It’s crazy. Like, I’m very neurotic about it. I don’t know why. Yeah, shaving in the bath, or just honestly not two showers. I’ll do one shower and then I’ll just sit on the edge of the bathtub and shave. Yeah, it’s so sad.

Hey, we all have our quirks! And her hair regime seems to be working for her. She looks fabulous… and so, so happy.

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