Chrissy Teigen just hilariously united moms on Twitter in the name of their misbehaving kids

Quick: Name your social media hero. If you said Chrissy Teigen, this one’s for you. She’s always telling it like it is on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. In her latest moment of keeping it real, Chrissy Teigen asked moms for stories about kids being mean on Twitter. And boy, did they deliver.

Since Teigen is mom to the cutest little girl, Luna, we’re sure she’s no stranger to the surprising, fickle ways of kids. We always thought Baby Luna was a legit angel, but apparently that’s not the case. (Don’t forget, Teigen already taught Luna how to mock her dad John Legend.)

No matter how famous you are, having kids is hard. One minute, they want to cuddle; the next they’re throwing something at you. It’s a vicious cycle.

Teigen’s tweet effectively opened up the floodgates.

She instigated a tweetstorm of some of the best, worst kid stories we’ve ever read. If you’re looking for some weekend reading, here’s your fix. It’s definitely made our day a little less rough.

In a moment of need on a rough parenting day, Teigen asked other parents to share their own horror stories.

There was the obvious unexpected name calling…

Some stories were longer, and more heartbreaking.

Some were SO SAVAGE we were SHOCKED.

We’re grown adults and we couldn’t come up with a burn this harsh. false false

Actually, the only person who could out-burn that burn might be this kid.

This budding TV exec deserves a mention, too.

And this mean kid we’ve all met before.

Kudos to this mom who got video proof of her kid’s ‘tude.

This one is definitely going to be shown in a wedding slideshow one day. false

Really, what’s up with these kids ragging on their moms’ appearances?

YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL LADIES AND YOU DESERVE BETTER. Shoutout to all the moms out there. Things will probably get better once your kids are old enough to properly appreciate everything you do for them. But only after they go through their teenage angst. Stay strong, moms!

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We are so blessed to have Chrissy Teigen in our virtual lives to bring us joy on Twitter on a regular basis.

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