Chrissy Teigen just dressed baby Luna as a mermaid and we’re obsessed

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of our fave couples. They obviously love each other so much, and when their daughter Luna came into the picture, she amplified that love exponentially. Chrissy is so real about motherhood on social media, and posts super cute Instagram photos and Snapchats of Luna all the time — as well as hilarious and *real* tweets about what it’s truly like to be a mother.

Her recent Snapchat story was no different, when she snapped the cutest photo of baby Luna dressed like — you guessed it — a mermaid! Here’s a screenshot of the Snap:


The tiny crocheted outfit was provided by the team at Vita Coco, for which Chrissy has recently become a spokesperson. She told Us Weekly that coconut oil has been the only thing that works on Luna’s skin and isn’t too harsh for her to use. Apparently, it also makes her smell really great. Teigen said, “She smells like a little Thai coconut curry! I love it!” We’re so glad they found something that works for them.

Oh, Chrissy. We love you and your family so much. Keep the Snapchats coming! Luna looks so adorable in her new mermaid outfit, it should probably become a full-time look — at least for the summertime.

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