Chrissy Teigen and John Legend just welcomed their second child — a boy!

Luna Legend’s little brother has officially arrived! Late on Wednesday, May 16th, Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to announce that she had given birth to her second child with husband John Legend. The couple hasn’t shared any other info yet, but we’re sure the model, chef, cookbook author, and relatable queen of Twitter/Instagram will show us a glimpse of her new bundle of joy soon.

Already parents to 2-year-old Luna Simone, Chrissy announced her second pregnancy in an Instagram video that was peak-Teigen, if you will. The short clip posted in November 2017 features Chrissy pointing to her belly and asking Luna, “What’s in there?” Luna answers, “A baby!” Naturally, Chrissy captioned the post, “it’s john’s!”

In February of this year, Chrissy appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show where she shared her June due date (he came early!), revealed her baby’s gender, and joked that she planned to name her son Dick Legend (lol). The couple hasn’t announced the baby boy’s name yet, so hey — you never know. Maybe they went for it.

During her first pregnancy and first years of motherhood, Teigen proved to be a beacon of honesty — discussing infertility, IVF treatment, and experiences with postpartum depression. She has continued to destigmatize PPD during her second pregnancy, candidly sharing at the Create & Cultivate conference in February, “Do I worry about it [PPD] with this little boy? I do. But I also know that when it does happen — if it does — I’m so ready for it. I have the perfect people around me for it. That’s why I stand for a real core group of people around me.”

Congratulations to new parents, Chrissy and John, and to new big sister, Luna, on the arrival of their baby boy! We can’t wait for the hilarious newborn baby moments that Chrissy will surely be tweeting.

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