Chrissy Teigen spent her Sunday feuding with John Legend about pizza rolls on Twitter, as you do

Chrissy Teigen knows food. The Cravings cookbook author is constantly showcasing her culinary skills in her Instagram Story, baking everything from bread to traditional Thai recipes. But because she’s just like us, sometimes, all she wants is a frozen pizza. Specifically, a Totino’s frozen pizza.

On Sunday, February 17th, Teigen took to Twitter to live-tweet her and husband John Legend’s pizza night. But due to a misunderstanding, acquiring her beloved pizza was easier said than done, and the couple’s excitement quickly turned into a Twitter fight. Classic.

It all began with an innocent confession: Teigen was craving Totino’s pizza.

Legend was excited, too.

While they waited for the pizza to arrive, they had a serious discussion about the proper frozen pizza cooking method.

Ever the culinary genius, Teigen elevates her Totino’s pizza by topping it with fresh sliced tomato.

When the Totino’s arrived via Postmates, Legend was Oprah-level excited.

That’s when Teigen realized they’d been talking about two different things.

She meant a whole pizza pie, while Legend thought she meant pizza rolls.

Pretty soon, they were fighting. About Totino’s.

PSA: Chrissy Teigen knows how to prepare both Totino’s pizza AND Totino’s pizza rolls. Don’t let anyone (ahem, John Legend) tell you otherwise.

Legend swears he didn’t know that Totino’s made anything BUT pizza rolls.

Exhibit A: Based on this series of events, it seems that Legend is the one who placed the Postmates order for the pizza rolls. Yet still called them “Totino’s Pizza.”

Which, honestly, we can understand. When we think of Totino’s, we do think of pizza rolls first.

But Chrissy being Chrissy, she HAD to troll him.

And in the end, it looks like Teigen got her Totino’s—pizza, not pizza rolls.

Lesson learned: Totino’s makes both pizza AND pizza rolls. Noted.

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