Here’s Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and baby Luna hanging out with a seal like it’s NBD

There is so much happening in this photo of Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and little Luna at the Miami Seaquarium that we want to say “same” to. That’s usually the case with most of the Instagrams from the down-to-earth model and musician duo. We have said “same” so many times, we are basically part of the Teigen-Legend family. Admittedly, we are also the seal.

Check out John rocking his dadlicious Hawaiian shirt.

Every dad owns this type of shirt. It’s not even 100% a Hawaiian shirt. It’s some flowery “fun” shirt that they bust out specifically for occasions like “going to the aquarium.” It is a staple of fatherhood. Luckily, John pulls it off effortlessly. Truly, these dad vibes cause us to say “same.”

Please look at Chrissy’s heeled sock boot moment.

YES Chrissy! What a #MiamiSeaquarium look! This goddess wore all pastel blue on the family outing. The mama, cookbook author, and model had the foresight to go with a look that wouldn’t clash with the tones of the ocean (blue, duh). Her heeled sock boot is an added touch of glam that inspires us to live our most fabulous life even when confronted with a rogue sea animal. #Same.

Teigen is also in classic mom-pose with Luna. The recent Becca beauty collaborator has her arms wrapped around her tiny diapered daughter, who may have been too hot in the Miami heat and needed to chill in just a diaper and a hair bow. This moment is relatable on so many levels. We have all felt so hot we’ve needed to strip at some point. The apprehensive look Luna is giving the camera as she takes in her first seaquarium experience is especially relatable. There is a giant beast behind her! We feel you, Luna.

But let’s be real, we are all this seal.

No one is working this photo harder than the seal. This seal is giving us angles. This seal is giving us a Tyra worthy smize. This seal feels truly blessed to be photographed with Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and Luna. Dang it, this seal is doing its best!

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