Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and Luna’s family vacation photo is a modern marvel

It is no secret that we’re all obsessed with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. And now that they’ve become parents to adorable daughter Luna, we love them even more. The family recently took a vacation, just in time for the New Year, to celebrate Legends’ 38th birthday. Despite having recently returned from vacation, Legend took to Instagram to share one last photo from the vacation before he heads back to work. The pic features Legend, Teigen, and an unimpressed baby Luna on a boat somewhere in St. Barths. We’re jealous we weren’t invited,  but love the pic so so much.

I mean, there’s no way any of our family vacation pics look this good:

We hope Legend had a relaxing birthday celebration while on vacation. He’s sure going to be a busy man for the the next few months as a film he costars in, La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, is up for a bunch of Golden Globe awards and looks like it’s slated to be a major Oscar contender.

During their vacation, Legend and Teigen shared numerous photos of themselves with baby Luna and we can’t believe how fast she’s growing. Seriously though, with parents like Teigen and Legend, we’re sure she’s going to be a piano prodigy AND comedian because let’s face it, her parents are hilarious and talented. 

We’re still ridiculously bummed that we didn’t get the invite for this adorbs family vacation, but we promise we won’t hold a grudge as long as they keep posting amazing pics. It helps tame the massive FOMO we’re feeling. Seriously, we hope they had an amazing vacation and we can’t wait to see them dazzle the red carpet during awards season.

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