We’re squealing at these photos of Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and baby Luna with the Easter Bunny

Luna Simone Stephens, the daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, will celebrate her first birthday (already!?) on April 14, just two days before Easter. One activity that’s sure to become a yearly tradition? Her parents taking Luna to meet the Easter bunny — at least, we hope it becomes a tradition because the photos are so cute we can’t stand it.

In snaps the model and her mom Vilailuck Teigen (better known as @PepperThai2 on Instagram) shared to social, little Luna is all smiles as she poses with the famous candy-delivering cottontail, even grabbing onto his teeth in one extra-joyous photo.

“Big girl now,” her grandmother captioned the solo moment of Luna and her new best friend.

We’re not going to lie: We’re having a hard time dealing. Her little bottom tooth. Her precious bare feet. That too-cute pastel-pink baby dress. GAH.

And in case that isn’t enough cuteness (is there ever enough cuteness, though, really?), both Mama Teigen and her daughter shared family snaps that are somehow even more awww-inspiring and, of course, #familygoals forever.

In this one, Luna’s face clearly says, “I’m down for this photo and all, but I’m not leaving this guy’s side. HE HAS CHOCOLATE. (Girl, we’re with you!)

And then here’s the pro shot shared by Teigen, where we aren’t sure whose smile is the most dazzling in this gorgeous family.

Now that we’re thinking about it, Mama Teigen’s “Big girl now” caption could be a reference to Luna’s first Christmas, in which the little girl met Santa Claus and things didn’t go quite as smoothly (but did go equally adorably!).

“‘She did such a good job!’ ‘She didn’t even cry!’ We only share what we want you to see, my loves. Lol,” Teigen captioned the too-real moment.

Luna could be growing up, sure, but maybe she knows what’s up with bunnies now, considering she met some real ones pretty recently!

Or maybe she’s just really stoked in general because she got a glimpse of the cake her badass-in-the-kitchen mama made to practice for her daughter’s birthday which, P.S., we will take off your hands if you aren’t going to eat, guys.

It’s pretty crazy to think how Luna is almost 1! We feel like she was just born yesterday, but since then she has said her first word (“cat” — we approve), had her first savory bite, taken her first steps, and more.

We’re so grateful her awesome parents give us a glimpse into their world with their baby girl, and can’t wait to keep seeing how Luna grows.

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