Chrissy Teigen is convinced that this picture of Luna and Miles is actually just her and John Legend

John Legend looks like a lot of things: Arthur the aardvark; random babies; his own son. But now, wife Chrissy Teigen has really raised the bar when it comes to the resemblance seen within their entire family. In a couple of photos she posted to Twitter, Teigen and Legend’s children, Luna and Miles, look just like their parents. Like…just like their parents.

If you’re a fan of Legend household, you know that these kids have looked like Teigen and Legend since they were born. But there is something about these new photos—the kids’ expressions, maybe?—that really captures their essence. Teigen obviously noticed it and captioned the pics “me and john ???”

Her followers’ answer was a resounding “yes.”

Her tweet currently has nearly 400K likes. (Teigen also posted the photos on Instagram where that post has over 900K likes, so, yeah, it’s a big hit.) And people are eating up the cuteness/Luna and Miles’ likeness to their parents. false

There are some fans, though, who think both kids look more like Legend, and some who believe they’ve pinpointed how the couple’s features were passed down. “Kinda looks like miles has your smile and luna has john’s,” one fan wrote, “they are so cute!”

There was also this response, which got almost 2,000 likes, but went over some people’s heads. It’s a joke, everyone!

It appears that the photos of Luna and Miles were taken while they were joining their mom at a photoshoot for Quay Australia on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, Teigen tweeted, “bring your kids to work day!” along with a video of Miles attempting to take a giant flamingo along with him, because, if you have a giant flamingo, why wouldn’t you bring it with you everywhere you go?

Later, Teigen posted a video of the kids being photographed by Yu Tsai. No, we will never get tired of Luna and Miles content.

While the family resemblance is strong in these pictures, there will surely be more where these came from. Teigen often shares the funny antics her kids get into and is big on documenting how much Miles looks like Legend. Will the similarities continue to grow or will Teigen wake up one day to find that Miles is looking more like her and Luna like her husband? She’ll let us know.

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