Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Threw a Glamorous Last-Minute “House Grammys” Party

The party isn't over until Miles says so.

The Grammys came to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s house this year after a change in plans with the show’s lineup. When it comes to the couple, it’s always a party and they know how to celebrate in style. Legend, who won Best R&B Album on Sunday, began his night cozy in his robe, and Teigen was there to capture all the memories.

After news of Legend’s win, Teigen wanted to know how he was going to celebrate.

“John, you just won R&B Album of the year. How are you going to celebrate?” Teigen asked in a video she posted to Twitter on Sunday. “Mincing garlic,” the Grammy winner responded with a smile from the kitchen.

But the couple quickly realized that his other award—for Best R&B Performance—was being moved to the primetime slot after originally being slated for the pre-show. Because Teigen and Legend had no plans to get dressed up and attend the ceremony, and because Legend didn’t have a “good suit,” the couple instead whipped up a glam night at home.

As the show wore on, Legend and Teigen retreated to their hallway for some red-carpet-worthy photos. Legend continued rocking a Versace robe and no shoes, highlighting the benefits of partying at home, while Teigen decided to dress up.

In one of the three photos Teigen shared, there was one very special guest who made a photobomb appearance and it was their son, Miles. It appears the couple chose to take some of their photos in an alcove under the stairs, and their son happened to be there. While Teigen and Legend were all smiles, Miles didn’t seem to be impressed by the win or the glitz and glamour of the night, and fans took to Twitter to point out the contrasting moods.

“When you’re at the family party and your cousins are gone and you ask your parents when are we going home and they say “in 10 min” for the 10th time.” One Twitter user wrote, posting a cropped image of Miles.

When you just wanna go home but your parents won’t stop socializing, wrote another user.

While it might not have been a night out, the party came to them, and no one does glam quite like Teigen!

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