Well, Chrissy Teigen Just Dumped President Biden on Twitter So She Can “Flourish”

"I love you!!! It’s not you it’s me!!!!"

Chrissy Teigen is breaking up with the 46th president of the United States. Whoever thought we’d read that sentence? Early Tuesday morning, on February 23rd, the mom of two took to Twitter begging President Joe Biden to unfollow her. She even threw in the cliché expression, “It’s not you it’s me!!!!” Teigen notes that ever since the official POTUS account gave her the follow, she hasn’t been able to “flourish” as herself.

I have tweeted a handful of times since my treasured @POTUS following. In order for me to flourish as me, I must ask you to please lord unfollow me. I love you!!! It’s not you it’s me!!!! she tweeted.

Since the wine bottle escapade, Teigen has been a smidge off her Twitter game. A majority of her most recent tweets have been retweets, compared to her typical hilarious (and sometimes risqué) anecdotes or everyday train of thoughts on topics like entertainment and food.

But, it looks like President Biden has fulfilled her request once again. Later that same day, the POTUS account unfollowed Teigen, making her a free woman. “bitch fuck shit suck the d I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!” she rejoiced on Twitter.

In case you forgot, the whole thing started on Inauguration Day when Teigen tweeted at President Biden sincerely begging to be unblocked and followed by the POTUS account, which was formerly run by President Donald Trump. Not much later, the Cravings cookbook author got the follow, becoming one out of the 13 people to be followed by the newly elected president. Even more exciting, she was the only celebrity and non-White House associate to make the list.

We understand the duty, responsibility, and pressure that comes with this great honor that was bestowed upon Teigen. And truthfully, we missed her “flourishing” on Twitter. Welcome back, Chrissy!

Emily Weaver
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