Chrissy Teigen Clapped Back at People Criticizing Her For Attending the Inauguration

"Why are you guys always always mad at me?"

Chrissy Teigen is tired of getting criticized on social media—and she’s letting everyone know. She’s been the subject of body shaming, has had her parenting choices questioned, and has faced criticism over even the way she shared her pregnancy loss online. Most recently, the supermodel, cookbook author, and mother of two is being called out for her decision to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on January 20th.

The Twitter tiff started when Teigen shared a photo of her son, Miles, 2, standing inside a suitcase on Tuesday. “My baby got his first fat lip pushing his car”—AKA, the suitcase—”down the driveway,” she wrote. “Still happy packing for inauguration though!” Since husband John Legend is set to perform at the inauguration, Teigen and her kids were preparing to attend the ceremony.

One Twitter user took issue with Teigen’s tweet, noting the heavily policing taking place in D.C. currently. “Hey Chrissy DC residents aren’t very “happy” right now and can’t even “happy pack” their cars to drive to the grocery store because of the military state the city is in but yeah LOL come on down especially in a pandemic. How happy!!!”

Some commenters came to Teigen’s defense, empathizing with her decision to travel to see her husband perform, but the original commenter continued.

“Literally no one will be there to see him perform, because no one is allowed to. Why couldn’t he do a virtual performance and also why does his whole family have to go when literally no one can move about the city? Like…yeah, exactly. She should turn the tv on…”

Teigen, seemingly exhausted of having to explain herself on social media, responded: for fucks sake why are you guys always always mad at me, all I wanna do is make you happy or at least leave you with a neutral feeling of indifference.

Teigen later followed up, writing that the military state of D.C. was not her fault, but that she was sorry the Twitter user was frustrated. “I just like to share what we are up to and whatnot,” she wrote about her family updates.

There was a more wholesome exchange in the Twitter thread, however. “Nobody truly interesting is EVER universally liked—or thought of neutrally,” TV writer Marti Noxon wrote to Teigen. “I’d take this off your “to do” list and revel in the fact that you are wonderfully interesting and talented, etc. Enjoy pissing people off—it’s a sign that you’re living!”

Teigen, clearly touched by the comment, wrote back, “This is so kind and I’m going to print and frame it!” Let’s not blame Teigen for attending the historic inauguration at which her husband is performing. Many of us would do the same if given the opportunity.

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