Chrissy Teigen just cooked using a hot sauce branded with her own face and it’s totally #goals, TBH

Nothing pairs better with juicy, sizzling sausages than spicy hot red sauce! If you’re Chrissy Teigen, you agree with this statement. In fact, Chrissy loves hot sauce so much, she even has her own personalized bottle.

In a recent tweet, Chrissy showed off some of her cooking. And one of her ingredients was a bottle of hot sauce with her own face on the label. Chrissy explained, “A wonderful mystery woman sent me this hot sauce with my face on it years ago.” Yes — it’s as hilarious/nutty as it sounds. See for yourself.

Naturally, the immediate response to her post is one of concern.

Some users applauded Chrissy Teigen’s bravery.

We’re still hoping the laxative stuff isn’t true. What a mess that would be. Yeesh!


The most magical thing happened next.

It had us shouting: AHA! Mystery solved. It isn’t just Chrissy’s face. It’s also the Twitter user’s face. Huh?

The mysterious gifter of the facially-branded hot sauce is none other than @lilpartygrandma. She met Chrissy at a Barnes and Nobles book signing in Los Angeles at The Grove. (Remember Chrissy’s colorful cookbook, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat? How could you not — it hit #1 on USA Today’s book best seller list in 2016.)

So, if we understand this correctly, @lilpartygrandma gave Chrissy Teigen a Chrissy Teigen-branded hot sauce at the model/tv personality/social media maven’s book signing? And now, Chrissy’s using it to with her sausages. Huh, the universe does unfold in mysterious ways.

We think this could be the beginning of a brilliant new line of sauce from the woman who puts spice in spicy! We would definitely buy Chrissy Teigen hot sauce if it were in our grocery stores or online markets. Just in case you were looking for new business ventures, Chrissy.

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