Chrissy Teigen had a hilarious and honest response to being shamed for how she was holding baby Luna

If you thought Chrissy Teigen would be taking notes from the critiques people throw her way about how she’s raising her daughter Luna, think again! On Wednesday, Teigen did not hold back when a Twitter user accused her of holding her 6-month-old daughter Luna Simone the wrong way.

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend were snapped walking through the streets of New York City and one Twitter user did not agree with the way that Teigan was holding Luna. Instead of letting the user trash talk her, Teigen decided to respond.

“Really because that’s how I’m f—ing holding her, Teigen replied, adding in another tweet, “Photos are literally split-second moments in time that evolve. I despise mommy shamers. I am a proud shamer of mommy shamers.

Teigen is no stranger to criticism when it comes to raising her daughter Luna. In the past couple of months, Teigen has been criticized for everything under the sun, ranging from her post-baby body to being mommy shamed for going out to dinner with her husband.

Seriously, at this point, it’s 2016 — we are supposed to encourage women to work while having a child, embrace all types of body shapes, and celebrate motherhood instead of tearing new mothers down. It’s ridiculous that Chrissy Teigen receives so much flak for the smallest things. If we didn’t see her with Luna, people would accuse her of being a neglectful mother. If she didn’t lose the baby weight, people would pick over her size and recommend diets she could go on. The faster we learn that Chrissy is a new mother who is learning and human, and is striving to take care of her daughter in the public eye, the better off people will be. Mostly, it’s just none of anyone’s damn business.

Clearly, Teigen is one mama who knows how to take care of her daughter, and from the adorable appearances on Snapchat and Instagram, we don’t think Luna is protesting the care she is getting!

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