Chrissy Teigen Shushed Mom-Shamers About Ice Cream in Her Shopping Cart

Chrissy can't breathe without being shamed for it.

On August 10th, Chrissy Teigen posted a photo of her Ralph’s shopping cart to Instagram and people couldn’t get enough of the relatability. Wonder Bread, Donettes, Velveeta, Top Ramen, Klondike bars, and A1 steak sauce—ah, feels like home. But, as they are wont to do, the critics piggy piled on this shopping cart pic, and Teigen had no choice but to give them the old shh!

“We don’t get to go to the store often but if there’s time for a late night Ralph’s run, boy we make the most of it,” Teigen captioned the pic. Somewhere under the Velveeta and Bagel Thins you might spot a chill Luna, her and John Legend’s daughter.

For the most part, commenters loved checking out what Teigen throws in her cart on a typical shopping day (or night, rather). “I don’t know why but the instant ramen and wonder bread in your cart brings me such joy. Real life,” one person wrote. Another said, “I love that you eat normal food!!”

However, others expressed their “concern” for the cart’s contents. “Switch to whole grain girl that white bread is poison,” a follower wrote. “So much processed food and junk. We have to teach our kids to eat healthy and take care of our planet through our everyday decisions,” another added.

And some people even felt the need to comment on the way Teigen goes about shopping. “Concerned for the Klondike bars at the bottom though,” one person said. Another agreed, writing, “came here for the same reason. Who goes to the frozen aisle first?”

So, Teigen had to chime in. “Shhhh calm down everything is ok,” she responded. LOL.

Teigen, a chef with two published cookbooks, doesn’t really need feedback on what she buys/how she puts things into her cart. Judging by her myriad Instagram posts related to home cooking, the Teigen-Legend household is eating just fine. And they haven’t lost a frozen food yet.

No thanks for your concern, shamers, and honestly just shhhh!

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