Chrissy Teigen finally explained that infamous nude pic on Instagram

We know her best as the queen of Twitter, but Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram account is also filled with a ton of gems. In fact, she decided to explain a few of her most famous shots with Glamour for a video that we’re totally in love with. She goes over images she’s chosen to share of her daughter Luna, her spaghetti-in-bed shot, and of course, her famous nude photo that made headlines.

The video was shot for a series called “Bullshit the Shot,” and if it were never made, we’d never have learned about the time when Teigen almost ordered hundreds of ice cream scoops through room service after a night of debauchery.

In fact, debauchery was involved in a lot of Teigen’s shots — but not the nude one, with husband John Legend. Watch her discuss it for yourself:

First, we have to say that the photo is artistically daring and incredibly beautiful. Second, we have to say that her friend (and employee) Marisa, probably hates it to this day.

Why? Well, according to Teigen, a promise was broken based on this shot.

"Marisa is also my publicist, she begged me not to publish this," Teigen said, noting that the photo was taken before Marisa's 2016 birthday festivities began.

And, that explains why the caption is super celebratory towards Marisa.

Teigen promised Marisa that the photo wouldn’t see the light of day. But then, on her actual birthday, it managed to appear on her account — which is pretty sly of Teigen.


We imagine that when you’re Chrissy Teigen’s publicist, it’s all fun and games. We’re sure that at the very least, Marisa had a birthday to remember!

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