Chrissy Teigen’s tweet about not getting invited to Emily Ratajkowski’s wedding is perfectly 2018

We all know the feeling of not being invited to someone’s wedding. Sometimes, you want to be invited just to be invited, not necessarily because you’re even close friends. Other times, you just want to be invited even if you don’t even know the person. There are definitely plenty of celebrity weddings we all wish we had been invited to. Naturally, an invitation to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding would be amazing. Even celebrities are probably dying to go to that one. And even though there are millions of people that wish they were present for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s wedding, even Teigen herself gets wedding FOMO from time to time. Specifically, about Emily Ratajkowski’s wedding.

In case you missed it, supermodel/actress Emily Ratajkowski married actor/producer Sebastian Bear-McClard this past Friday, February 23rd. The wedding was not previously announced and was only revealed after Ratajkowski posted a few pictures of her and her new husband. The couple married at a New York City courthouse in a rather unexpected wedding. She and Bear-McClard have only been dating for a few weeks and had yet to confirm their relationship. There were only a few guests, but Teigen made it clear on Twitter that she wished she had been one.

And we’re pretty sure Chrissy Teigen is a dream wedding guest.

Okay, okay, so Emily Ratajkowski’s wedding to Sebastian Bear-McClard was super tiny and intimate. And it’s hard to invite everyone you love to your wedding. But Teigen still had fun playfully joking about it on Twitter.

In this day and age, liking all of someone’s pictures definitely deserves a “maybe” on the list of wedding invites. Teigen followed up her tweet with a quick congrats to the blushing bride.

We know Teigen was joking around, but we do wish she had been invited. She tends to send the best tweets at a really exciting event.

Regardless, we wish Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard all of the love and happiness!

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