Ellen DeGeneres quizzed Chrissy Teigen about John Legend, and Chrissy failed pretty miserably

Our fave couple, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, never fail to deliver heartwarming laughs on and off the red carpet. It’s their hilarious sense of humor that keeps things interesting between them, so naturally Teigen served up more feel-good jokes about her other half during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today.

Instead of flat-out roasting Legend, DeGeneres got Teigen to play a game called “You Don’t Know Jack About John” to see how much she really knew about her husband. The funny thing is, the audience could tell right off the bat that Teigen was struggling with the trivia.

“What was the name of the band John was a part of in the movie La La Land?,” DeGeneres asked her. “Oh, I know this one. The…The? It was corny,” Teigen replied.

“You’re halfway there with The…The Messengers,” DeGeneres said.

After getting most of the questions wrong, Teigen basically revealed that the problem is Legend keeps his work life pretty separate from their relationship. For example, Degeneres asked, “John performs on the soundtrack of which 50 Shades of Grey sequel?”

With the most confused look on her face, the model said she had no idea he’d done a song for 50 Shades, adding, “This is a big fight we always have… He doesn’t tell me about things he’s producing. We went to Sundance and he was like, ‘Oh, we’re showing my movie’ and I was like, ‘Your movie?! What are you talking about?!’”

At least when it came down to the personal questions she should know, like Legend’s middle name and what his old a capella group was called, Teigen nailed those answers.


“This is good. I wasn’t like a creepy stalker,” Teigen pointed out. “Yeah, you just love him for who he is,” DeGeneres added.

Once again, Teigen and Legend prove they’re one of the funniest pairs in Hollywood.