Chrissy Teigen drunk-tweeted the Super Bowl, and it was honestly the best part of the game

Did you miss out on all the action yesterday evening? Of course, we’re (still) talking about the Super Bowl. If so, look no further than Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter timeline. That’s where you go for entertainment, laughs, clap backs and obviously, where Teigen drunk-tweeted the Super Bowl.

Aside from the Super Bowl ads, the model’s social media commentary was honestly the best part of the game. While the Patriots’ historic win was pretty fantastic on its own, seeing Teigen nuzzle her husband John Legend on live TV, cleverly address her revealing wardrobe malfunction AND talking shit throughout the biggest night in the NFL all at the same time was the perfect Chrissy trifecta. We were LIVING for every single tweet.

As usual, Teigen’s drunken tweets were hilarious and spot-on, which should shock absolutely no one because THIS IS WHAT SHE DOES, Y’ALL.

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Houston, Teigen has a problem — with your pronunciation.

She also has legitimate questions about this game.

She meticulously tracked her hot dog consumption.

Oh, wait. She had nachos, too.

Things just continued to be extra real as the game went on.

Teigen showed love during Gaga’s halftime performance.

She shrugged off an unexpected appearance by her nipple.

She reported live from the sidelines during the 25th quarter.

And was super interested in nightly Netflix ‘n chill stats.

Whew, that was gratifying. It almost felt like we were there in the fancy box, eating fancy hotdogs and nachos and totally third-wheeling it, watching the game with Teigen and Legend.

Can someone make this happen please?

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