Chrissy Teigen devising a plan to tackle a football player is just stupid funny

We can probably all agree that Chrissy Teigen has the funniest Twitter of all time. Teigen regularly has hilarious responses to basically everything, and we live for her honesty. As a result, we spend *way* too much time on her Twitter. This time, we’re LOLing about Chrissy Teigen’s bizarre plan to tackle a football player that spiraled way out of control in the best way.

It all began when Chrissy posted on Twitter about wanting to tackle a football player. Why? Because Jon challenged her!

And she meant it. She tweeted at sports journalist Rich Eisen to see if he could hook her up with someone to tackle. Like, LOL.

And the best part is that he responded! Eisen asked for more deets about what Chrissy was down to give a shot.

She was pretty clear about not wanting anyone too fast.

And she said there would be no pads involved for *either* of them. Yeah, she’s so serious about this!

Though she doubted her strength, she was willing to give it a shot. We’re like, crying laughing right now at her responses.

And it JUST GOT BETTER as the U.S. rugby team reached out saying they’d be happy to teach her some tackling techniques.

And then the UFC got involved, too, sending her a couple of tips.

Now that you’ve got all this backup, Chrissy, we wanna know: Are we gonna get to see this battle go down?!

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