Chrissy Teigen has never looked more deliriously happy than in her Lawry’s Instagram takeover

Chrissy Teigen, our favorite cookbook author, social media goddess, and overall amazing human, took over the Lawry’s Seasoning Instagram the other day and, TBH, it was amazing. Teigen never does anything halfway (which is just one of the many reasons why we love her), and her sponsorship of Lawry’s was no exception.

Take for instance, the following photo. No one has ever looked this happy about a seasoning. But it’s Chrissy’s caption that’s giving us heart eyes for life: “Some chicks roll in cash…I roll in Seasoned Salt. ? -Chrissy”

Here’s Chrissy snapping a selfie while chowing down on avocado toast sprinkled with Lawry’s. Our mornings are exactly like this. Minus the team of people working on hair and makeup, I mean.

Being the cooking genius that she is, Chrissy also shared some recipe tips. Her cookbook includes several recipes that use Lawry’s, including John Legend’s legendary (yes, I went there) chili. Seriously, this looks delish. Just think, John and Chrissy could be eating it right this minute.

But mainly, Chrissy’s Instagram takeover showed just how happy she is in the kitchen. We love it. Look how much Chrissy loves pico de gallo. (We feel you, Chrissy. We love it, too.)

Chrissy loves her some popcorn, too. Because of course. What’s not to love???

BRB we have a sudden craving for chili.

And possibly popcorn.

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