Chrissy Teigen just defended potato chips and we agree!

If you’re a fan of cooking — or just hilarious, adorable celebs — then you should already be obsessed with Chrissy Teigen.

Known for her politics, gorgeous family and incredible sense of humor, Chrissy’s a model-turned-cookbook author (and Lip Sync Battle co-host) who’s absolutely killing the social media game.

After the success of her first cookbook, Cravings—which came out earlier this year—Chrissy’s thinking ahead to her second and looking to her Twitter followers for inspiration.

When the idea of a “diet” cookbook came up, Chrissy was quick to shoot it down in favor of “clean eating.”

For Chrissy, clean recipes are “something without 1000 ingredients with words I can pronounce,” meaning even potato chips can be a-okay — which, honestly, thank god.

We’re ready to whole-heartedly embrace Chrissy’s definition of clean-eating — even if it’s not exactly scientifically accurate.

Maybe it’s just because we love potato chips — but we think this wise-cracking (and just plain wise) lady is spot on.

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