Chrissy Teigen does not have time for you to shoe-shame her daughter Luna

If you could pick any celebrity to be your mom, who would you choose? We would definitely pick Chrissy Teigen. In addition to being generally hilarious and a delight on social media, she’s constantly ready to shut down haters on behalf of her family. Sometimes before they even come around.

Last night, Teigen shared an ADORABLE pic of her daughter, Luna, playing in a pool. It seems innocuous enough — who doesn’t love cute kids doing fun summer activities?! — but Chrissy clearly knows the denizens of the internet all too well. She was quick to defend Luna preemptively in her caption.


First of all, those tiny, tiny pink Crocs are adorbs, and we also will fight anybody who has a problem with them. They match Luna’s outfit, and pool, and pool toys!

Like, we get it — there are lots of reasons to hate on Crocs. They’re a sartorial abomination, they make people look like they’re wearing boats on their feet, they make horrible noises when you walk, they smell creepy because of the rubber.

But somehow, Luna pulls them off. She pulls everything off.

We’re totally here for lil’ Luna wearing the shoes she likes no matter what! And we’re extra here for Chrissy going to bat for her daughter, even over something silly and small. That’s definitely the mom you want to have in your corner.

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