Instant happiness: Chrissy Teigen dances with baby Luna while John Legend plays the piano

We have a new addition to the list of “Celebrity Couples We’d Love To Be Roommates With”: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. It seems like Legend’s incredible music talent isn’t just saved for the studio, as this video shows the multiple Grammy winner playing a little ode for his wife and his little daughter, Luna.

That ode is “O’ Christmas Tree,” and it’s September, but hey — maybe he’s just practicing a few months in advance?

There’s so much cuteness in this little clip. For one, Teigen seems to put all of her focus on baby Luna, who’s seemingly enjoying the music. Second, it’s sweet that the couple still has a blast doing small, fun, nontraditional stuff together — just look at how they’re all smiling. And third, even their two dogs stick around for the show. It really is a full family affair happening in front of that piano.

Teigen captured this clip as “The never-ending song,” probably referencing the fact that Legend, truthfully, could have kept going. And kind of tried to, until Teigen laughed it off, and gave a sweet “No!” at the end of the video.

Born in April, this will actually be Luna’s first Christmas coming up. With the way Legend plays piano, surely she’ll be hearing a bunch of Christmas tunes leading up to the big day. And surely, Teigen and Legend — who aren’t shy about sharing photos and moments of their baby — won’t hesitate to post a few adorable pictures of the big occasion.

So, uh… Anyone else suddenly in the holiday spirit?

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