Chrissy Teigen Clapped Back at a Twitter Troll Who Wouldn’t Stop Arguing With Her

She thought she was starting a casual conversation—guess not.

When you’re a celebrity or social media influencer, you are never going to make everybody happy. Just ask Chrissy Teigen who was recently called out for asking how some of her fellow celebrities have so many professional photos of themselves to post on Instagram.

“I seriously do not get how so many people I follow on Instagram have so many photos of themselves,” Teigen tweeted late last night, March 15th. “I get selfies and casual pics but I’m talking legit magazine like photo shoots I do not know how they have so many good professional shoots,” she clarified in a reply. “It’s gotta be like two shoots a day for some.”

“Selfies cost $0 to make,” one person replied to Teigen’s first tweet, to which Teigen responded, “not even talking about selfies. Like full legit photo shoots.”

Then what started as a civil commentary about her peers’ Instagram feeds took a turn for the negative. A follower wrote, Chrissy lol you literally do this for a living. Pls stop.

“‘Pls stop’ excuse me sir?” Teigen questioned back. Though trolls should never be fed, Teigen was clearly in the mood to spar.

The follower took a screenshot of the context surrounding the “$0” reply, explaining in another tweet to another Twitter user that they found it “funny that a person that’s tweeted 14.2K times would have the disconnect to commentate on others posting too much lmao.”

I think you are mad I unfollowed but go off. Start a whole convo! Teigen replied to the user’s screenshot, hinting at the fact that she may have followed them at one point.

The follower then asked if the conversation about people posting professional photos on Instagram is one worth having…”or are you creeping Twitter profiles of random people while thinking you’re exempt from those with opposing views?”

The fragility. Trying to get people riled up about me in your thread, then getting mad when I see it when responding (creeping? lol) how absolutely lame, Teigen replied.

When will the internet learn that going after Chrissy Teigen doesn’t end well for the other party? Go off, we guess, but prepare to get burned.

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