Chrissy Teigen’s latest Trump clapback is so savage—and we’re still laughing

Let’s be real: Chrissy Teigen is the undisputed master of serving up Twitter sass. It seems like, no matter the occasion, she has the perfect clapback at the ready, and her public retorts to President Donald Trump regularly go viral. Trump himself even blocked Teigen at one point, proving that her messages are heard loud and clear. And Teigen managed to throw shade with just three words in her latest tweet at POTUS.

It all started early yesterday morning, December 16th, when the president attacked the media and Saturday Night Live in one of his characteristic tweet storms. As CNN points out, the sketch comedy show offended the president with an It’s a Wonderful Life-inspired cold open that imagined a world where Trump had never been elected. In response, the president referred to the show as one of several “Democrat spin machines” before suggesting that its legality be challenged in court (seriously).

Naturally, it wasn’t long before Teigen tweeted her own snarky (and perfect) response.

Others also pointed out the flaws in the president’s logic.


Teigen’s retort came just days after The New York Times reported that the president’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, had been sentenced to three years in prison. He was charged with violating campaign finance law by paying two women to remain quiet about their alleged affairs with Trump—and he claimed that he broke the law at the now-president’s request. The sentencing has led many to call for Trump to be indicted for his involvement in Cohen’s crime.

Regardless of how the rest of the investigation into Trump’s campaign plays out, we know that we can always count on Teigen for expert-level shade.

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