Chrissy Teigen Cut All Her Hair Off Into a Very Trendy Bob

After previously having a fake bob, Teigen decided to go all the way.

In mid-August, Chrissy Teigen basically catfished the entire internet by getting a bob that, well, wasn’t actually real. Now, though, the model and host has taken the plunge officially. The chic new blunt bob looks just as good as her faux version.

In two quick videos posted to her Instagram feed on August 30th, Teigen unveiled the voluminous, bouncy haircut that came courtesy of hairstylist Irinel de León. The new look features a heavy side part (TikTok be damned) and slight waves throughout. In the video, the model holds her phone up to the mirror, head cocked to the side, as husband John Legend walks behind her.

But just so people wouldn’t think this was another faux bob, Teigen went the extra mile and uploaded a video as a razor buzzes away her long locks. In the video, her hair is parted on either side with the bottom section combed down and then razored away, inches falling from her hair.

Teigen captioned the videos, “You were very confused to learn my bob a few weeks ago wasn’t real, so here, for you! oh, it feels so good to finally commit!” She then thanked de León for the chop.

While fans seem to have inspired Teigen’s latest ‘do, it was actually Kourtney Kardashian who originally made Teigen want to get the chop. On August 20th, Teigen posted the aforementioned faux bob captioning the post with “cause [Kourtney Kardashian] looked so keeeeyute!”

Teigen is far from the only celebrity going shorter these days, though. Billie Eilish recently took her hair to bob status with a shaggy look complete with bangs, and Cinderella star Camila Cabello also lost some inches for a chic bob.

Going into fall, is this the new “it” haircut? You might want to book a salon appointment now.

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