Chrissy Teigen had the best response to a tabloid claiming she and John Legend are getting divorced

Chrissy Teigen is truly the gift that keeps on giving — and the clapback queen who keeps on clapping back. Most recently, she went IN on In Touch after the mag speculated that Teigen and husband John Legend were getting divorced. According to her, this rumor couldn’t be more off, but of course she had to express that in a vitriolic social media post, because she is Chrissy Teigen.

Ironically, the magazine’s out-of-touch divorce speculation came only one day after Teigen and Legend celebrated their wedding anniversary. The couple that defines #RelationshipGoals posted his and hers Instagram love notes about each other, and it’s so clear that they are as in love as they were when they got married four years ago.

But Teigen has a way with words, so it would be a shame for her not to address the rumors head-on.

Along with a photo of the magazine cover stating the couple is “on the brink of splitting,” she wrote, “Oh in touch go f*ck yourselves, you exclusively dumb pieces of trash.”

Oh yeah, she went there. But really, In Touch should have known not to go after Teigen in the first place.

As if Teigen’s strongly worded caption wasn’t convincing enough, the couple’s anniversary photos should relieve everyone’s fears about a Legend-less Teigen.

Does this look like a couple on the brink of anything but mad, passionate love?

Legend captioned his photo with, “Anniversa-date. Married 4 years today. Met 11 years ago yesterday. I love this woman deeply.”

On the other hand, Teigen’s photo, which was taken in the same place as her husband’s, shows just how fly the couple is. We love their love so much! Please, let the only splitting they ever do be of dessert.

We know that Teigen really wasn’t bothered by the baseless accusation. She’s usually too busy living her hilarious life to care what anyone else thinks.

In fact, she recently showed just how unfazed she is by the haters, sharing a photo of her “choco doodies.”


And today, she’s back to using social media to share her hilarious quips.

Ah yes, it’s always a good day to be a fan of Chrissy Teigen.

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