Chrissy Teigen Admits She Didn’t Understand How Serious Bed Rest Orders Are

"It's kind of crappier than it sounds."

Update, September 16th, 2020, 9:36 a.m. ET: We’re one week into Chrissy Teigen‘s two weeks of bed rest, and now the pregnant cookbook author is admitting she’s “in trouble” because she didn’t quite understand what exactly bed rest means. Don’t worry, now she does and she’s taking it very seriously, as difficult as that has been.

In an Instagram Story, Teigen got real about misunderstanding her doctor’s orders. From her bed, she said, “I didn’t really know that bed rest was, like, in bed. I honestly thought bed rest was you have to really, really, really relax, stay home. I thought it could be couch rest.”

Now, Teigen said, she’s on super serious bed rest time and is trying to be as healthy as possible.

The model and cookbook author opened up more about her third pregnancy, noting that it’s a “bit of a difficult pregnancy” and joking that she’s “probably being punished” for talking about how “great” her first two experiences (with Luna and Miles) were. On Twitter, she elaborated, talking more about how hard bed rest can be. For the record, “it’s kind of crappier than it sounds.”

Wishing Teigen comfort and relaxation during her bed rest!

Original post, September 9th, 2020: Chrissy Teigen, who is pregnant with her third child, just announced that she’s on bed rest for two weeks. While the cookbook author didn’t dish any details on her bed-rest orders, we’re hopeful it’s nothing too serious because she made a lighthearted joke about it, in true Teigen fashion.

The supermodel and queen of Twitter announced her bed-rest orders in a tweet on September 8th, writing, “I’m on official 2 week bed rest :(“. However, the mom of two quickly turned the tweet into a joke by sharing how she plans on spending her down time.

I’m taking this time to learn how to sew capes and kid clothes so shit is about to get… astonishingly ugly, Teigen wrote.

Teigen has been crafting and cooking up a storm during quarantine, so we’re gonna take a wild guess and bet that the clothes she makes won’t be as “ugly” as the skilled mom is predicting. Her husband John Legend recently revealed how impressed he has been by his wife during isolation, saying that she’s passing the mom test “with flying colors.”

The couple announced Teigen’s third pregnancy in Legend’s “Wild” music video, and the soon-to-be mom of three has been sharing her pregnancy journey since then. Their 4-year-old daughter Luna has been tagging along to Teigen’s doctor appointments, and their 2-year-old son Miles (aka John’s mini-me) has been enjoying his dad’s pancakes.

We just hope Chrissy had enough pies already baked and in the freezer to last her for the next two weeks of bed rest. But hey—maybe she’ll enlist John to reach for the apron himself. Or better yet—maybe he’ll just serenade her with his silky voice for the next 14 days. Not a bad way to spend bed rest, if you ask us.

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