Chrissy Teigen revealed Baby Luna’s adorably cruel reaction to her baby bump

Sometimes it’s tough to share the spotlight when a sibling comes along. Chrissy Teigen revealed how Luna is reacting to her pregnancy, and Luna’s response is…painfully honest.

Teigen and husband John Legend are expecting their second child in a mere few weeks, meaning Luna, who’s only two, will meet her baby brother and become “Big Sister Luna” very soon. But that doesn’t exactly mean she’s prepared…or even totally down with her mom’s pregnancy.

"We take baths together every night and she says a lot of...she can say some hurtful things in the bathtub sometimes," Teigen told E! News. "I think yesterday she pointed at me and she's like 'mamma yucky.' I'm like, 'I know, mamma feels kinda yucky.'"

We think Teigen looks beautiful. But as she joked, kids often don’t have a filter and say whatever’s on their mind.

The model, who will also be releasing her second cookbook soon, noted that she’s not exactly sure Luna will respond well to a new sibling — at least at first.

"She doesn't exactly love to share until she's totally finished with something," Teigen continued. "I do hear that the first born tends to be excited for the new [addition] for maybe a day or so, they don't really realize that they come back day after day after day. So when she starts realizing that he's gonna stick around...maybe things will change."

We have a feeling Luna is going to be an excellent big sister (at least eventually). How could she not be with such awesome parents?

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