We’re so impressed with the way that Chrissy Teigen addressed her revealing wardrobe malfunction

When you’re at the Super Bowl, anything can happen — just ask Janet Jackson. But times are changing, and Chrissy Teigen proved “nip slips” aren’t a big deal in 2017 with one simple tweet.

First, let’s talk a little about Teigen. She was at the Super Bowl with her husband, John Legend — and the two of them looked incredibly cute. In fact, a camera caught them sneaking a few kisses in during the game. Really, it reminded us of the beauty of true love.

The cameras definitely seemed a little impromptu — sort of like when an awards show cuts quick to the audience (which, as we know, Teigen is familiar with as well.)

She was in the moment and enjoying every second. So, she didn’t really care when a fan told her she was a little bit exposed.

Was she embarrassed? Ashamed? Humiliated? Of course not — she’s Chrissy Teigen, and she’s strong as hell.

Instead, she addressed it with just one line.


Because, let’s cut to the chase here — it’s just a nipple. We all have them.

Teigen’s quick retort only proved that we shouldn’t be mortified of moments like this. Things happen — and no matter what, Teigen looked truly stunning while watching the game.

And, we also love the fact that Teigen responded, literally, while she was at the game. Her dedication towards her Twitter feed is definitely something else we admire!

If it were up to us, Chrissy Teigen would be at every single big event out there. She always manages to make them so much better.

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